Marijuana Card Process

 Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Process

How to Apply for an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

Step 1:

Obtain a Phoenix Medical Marijuana Certification from one of our licensed Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors now. CLICK HERE to start!!!

Step 2:

Fill out the State of Arizona Dept of Health Application. A copy of the Arizona medical marijuana card application can be found here: (AZ Dept of Health Website).

Step 3:

Make a copy of your Arizona Driver’s License or ID Card.

Step 4:

Obtain a current photograph of yourself.

Step 5:

Sign the non-diversion statement for medical marijuana in Arizona as provided by the State of Arizona.

Step 6:

Obtain the required fees and attach to the AZ medical marijuana card application.

Step 7:

Submit all of the above to the State of Arizona Department of Health online.

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