Today, many people are aware of the medical benefits of marijuana and this has elicited sharp reactions regarding the criminalization of marijuana by most countries and governments. Literature is replete with evidence that marijuana helps to treat conditions ranging from mild to severe. Some of the conditions include anxiety, stress, pain, and nausea among others. However, what many people do not know is that marijuana occurs naturally in various forms with each type having slightly different compounds and effects on the user. Misuse of substances such as marijuana arises from a lack of education on the substances. In this article, you will learn about types of marijuana available so you can know which one is fit for you.

Types of Marijuana

There are hundreds of medical marijuana types that are out there and this makes it near impossible to choose the right one that could cure your specific condition. However, cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are two popular varieties of marijuana that you can find. Numerous original land-race genetics of these varieties occur naturally in different parts of the world. There are as many medical effects and types of medical marijuana’s as there are cannabinoid profiles and strains.

Cannabis Indica strains are known to contain high levels of chlorophyll than Sativa strains and that they are fast maturing type of marijuana. To obtain the best type of marijuana containing the desired properties of both India’s and Sativa’s, hybrids have been obtained from crossbreeding. The hybrids that are obtained by cross-breeding have different properties, including different maturation, medical effects, and the phenotype structure. The advantage of hybridization is that growers of medical weed can develop a custom strain that addresses the needs of patients. Today, the markets across the market are predominantly hybrid cannabis.

Pure Sativa

Pure Sativa cannabis is a rare type of plant in the medical marijuana industry owing to numerous challenges. For instance, it is difficult to cultivate both indoors and outdoors in most parts of the country, especially in the northern hemisphere. Additionally, its seeds are not commonly found since most shops stock only the most popular varieties. The Sativa’s are popular in South East Asia, Mexico, and Colombia. They grow taller than all other types of cannabis and are light green. They mature fast compared to the cannabis indica types. They can have a variety of flavors. Some will have earthy sweet flavors while others come in fruity flavors.

Medical Effects of Pure Sativa’s

They are known to cause increased heart rates and paranoia, properties that make it least popular in the medical marijuana field. Therefore, it is a rare option when it comes to medical use. If taken in large amounts, pure sativa can have almost similar effects to that of taking a lot of caffeine. On the other hand, pure sativas have uplifting properties, which are critical in the treatment of depression, appetite, fatigue, pain, and nausea. This variety was popular in North America during the 1960s and 1970s. however, they have become extremely rare in the region owing to hybridization.

Hybrid Sativa Dominant

They are sativa strains arising from crossing different strains to suit the users with respect to smell, tastes, and stimulant properties. Hybrids dominate the medical field because of the motivational effects that they possess. They do not cause paranoia, a condition associated with the use of pure sativa. Sativa dominant plants are known to be extremely uplifting and have caused “high” sensations, properties that make them suitable for daytime smoking. They also feature antidepressant and appetite stimulating properties, making it a good fit for medical purposes.

Last Thought

Get to know your marijuana breed before ordering your next product from your vendor. Check the contents and the properties that come with the substance and seek the advice of your physician before using either product.