Every once in a while there comes a new miracle cure that seems to alleviate virtually every medical condition. Often, this is in the form of a pharmaceutical, but more and more this miracle cure is becoming an herb or another natural element. A few years ago that cure-all was coconut oil, but today it is fast becoming CBD oil.

Even with lots of information readily available, many are still confused as to what CBD oil actually is. Cannabinoids are compounds found in marijuana. There several different kinds of Cannabinoids present in the plant. Most are familiar with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD or cannabidiol is also one of these compounds. This compound is typically delivered in an oil making it the most stable and usable. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychotropic. This means that this compound does not create a feeling of high associated with marijuana use. While it doesn’t feel like it is doing anything the reality is becoming more apparent. The reality is it is doing a lot. In fact, there is an increasing number of benefits associated with the consumption of CBD oil.

The exact way cannabinoids work is not exactly clear. What is known is that they interact with the bodies own endocannabinoid system. This system regulates several different systems in the body including reproductive, nervous, digestive and immune systems. Interestingly these four systems have something to do with virtually every inch of your body. These systems are also involved in major functions in the body including the neurotransmitter, inflammation, and mitochondrial functions, and metabolism. The cannabinoids made by marijuana mimic the ones made by your body providing a source of plant-derived cannabinoid supplementation.

Neuro-protective Benefits

There are numerous benefits claimed by people taking CBD. Some of the most impressive is the neuroprotective benefits. Issues such as seizures from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other body spasms have shown improvement in clinical testing. Casually people rave about the decrease in the number of episodes and severity of the conditions.

Mental Health Benefits

Seemingly closely related to neuroprotective benefits, CBD also improves conditions like depression and anxiety. Both sets of benefits are said to be present as the CBD positively interacts with both the transmitters and receptors in the brain. While the exact science behind it all is not exactly understood, the results are increasingly difficult to deny and avoid.

New studies are revealing that CBD may also help with more severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia. Even though THC is psychotropic evidence is pointing to the possibilities that CBD is an antipsychotic, ironically.

Pain Alleviating Effects

It seems as if certain cultures have understood the pain relieving properties of CBD and marijuana thousands of years ago. Many natural remedies have fallen to the wayside of pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, the move away from natural remedies is not always an effective or safe choice. CBD is and has remained a safe way to alleviate pain without any of the dangerous side effects common with pharmaceutical drugs. Again, scientists are scrambling to put the science with the results and are still foggy on why CBD helps with pain. One train of thought, it reduces inflammation that is associated with pain. Others believe it is again receptor involvement responsible for the pain relief. With or without the science the results are irrefutable.

Cancer Benefits

What are turning out to be the most amazing benefits of CBD oil are those that help cancer patients. Doctors and scientists around the world are putting up little resistance when it comes to admitting CBD oil helps with nausea created by cancer medications. What they are having trouble admitting is the presence of new evidence that CBD and other cannabinoids may actually eradicate cancer. People are cautious to spread this information and a lot of research still needs to be conducted. However, early results have amazed doctors and scientists around the world and provided hope for those suffering from cancer.

Heart Health Benefits´╗┐

Women and men are both overjoyed by the heart health benefits extended to them by using CBD oil and other products. Cardiovascular benefits include an improved circulatory system and lowered blood pressure. High-blood pressure has been attributed to causing both heart attack and stroke. Taking measures to regularly decrease your blood pressure significantly improves your cardiovascular health.

Less Known Benefits

Inflammation is proving to be a silent killer creating several other secondary conditions and even diseases. One of those conditions is acne. While there may be other reasons for acne a common one is the overproduction of sebum which is thought to be a consequence of inflammation.

Inflammation also plays a huge role in diabetes. For the same reasons CBD is effective in treating acne, CBD works to reduce the inflammation that causes diabetes. This evidence is in the early stages and needs clinical trials and backing to be certain. Until this time it is best to use as a supplement to the current medications and not a replacement.

Totally unrelated, or unseemingly so, are the tumor reducing qualities of CBD. It has shown results in decreasing the size of tumors in the brain, lungs, colon, and breasts. Scientific evidence for these last benefits is still limited to animals such as mice and rats. However, there is an overwhelming amount of personal testimony that these results are the same in people.

It is easy to be skeptical of CBD oil benefits. All of the things it has been purported to do may seem just too good to be true. However, when you understand the science behind cannabinoids it is easy to understand why it has such dramatic effects on so many different diseases and conditions. Through scientific research and testing, it is hopeful that one day how these compounds work will be fully understood. This understanding will hopefully reveal how not only CBD works, but also how all the other compounds in marijuana work and improve health and well being. Until then, perhaps it is best to not look a gift horse in the mouth.