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About Medical Marijuana Certifications of Arizona

Medical Marijuana Certifications (Arizona MMC) mission is to help qualified people obtain AZ medical marijuana cards in the State of Arizona.

Arizona MMC will help qualified people obtain the required certification from licensed Arizona Medical Marijuana doctors in order to apply for their AZ medical marijuana card.

Arizona MMC believes that medical marijuana is a safe alternative to other treatments currently being used to treat many debilitating conditions. Arizona MMC contracts with experienced licensed Arizona medical marijuana doctors who help people with their in-person physicals and medical records review, which are required by law, in order to receive the physician certification necessary to obtain an AZ medical marijuana card in the State of Arizona.

Arizona MMC offers safe and confidential services for our clients and patients. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines that protect the privacy and personal information of our Arizona medical marijuana patients and clients.

We are here to help offer you the best Arizona medical marijuana doctors to help you get your certification for medical marijuana. Call or email our Phoenix medical marijuana clinic today!