Arizona Medical Marijuana September Update

As we move into September 2012 the latest statistics are out from the Department of Health Services. As of mid-August there were over 31,000 active Arizona medical marijuana card patients. There are probably over 32,000 cardholders as of this point, and they’re just over 800 license caregivers as well in the state.

If you recall, licensed caregivers can grow marijuana for up to five patients along with himself if he is a licensed patient as well. 80% of the cardholders are new applicants, and 13% are those who have renewed. Now that the program is well into its second year, plenty of patients come up for renewal every month. 83% of those with cards have checked the box that they want to cultivate, which means to grow their own marijuana. This is fine at this point in time, but as the dispensaries open up the law states that if a person is within 25 miles of a dispensary they are no longer allowed to grow.

Approximately 70% of cardholders are male and the most common disease condition continues by far to be chronic pain at 89%. This is consistent with both California and Colorado, with the reason being that chronic pain encompasses such a broad variety of conditions for which medical marijuana is helpful. 20% of cardholders have the nausea and or muscle spasms condition boxes checked, and approximately 4% each have either cancer or hepatitis C with the other conditions being of much lower incidence.

The good news is that the number of cardholders continues to steadily grow and people are able to get the assistance they need. What remains to be seen is whether or not phase 2 of the program, the medical marijuana dispensaries, will come on board in the next year. The Department of Health Services proceeded with the lottery selection, however, the Atty. Gen. has filed a lawsuit for summary judgment so that part of the program is in limbo.

If you live in Arizona and would like to obtain an Arizona Medical Marijuana card, call Arizona MMC today. The office has licensed, compassionate Arizona medical marijuana doctors, along with obtaining your medical records for free and free assistance with uploading your application to the state. The number toll-free is 855-294-3227.

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