Things to Know about Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Renewals

It is important to understand that when you obtain the Arizona medical marijuana card, it is only good for one calendar year. After that time, it needs to be renewed annually. Here are some important things to know when renewing your Arizona medical marijuana card.

First of all, you need a new and current photograph to submit with your card renewal application. The law states that the picture needs to be taken no more than 60 calendar days prior to the submission. So make sure to have a current picture on hand.

You are able to change your demographic information with the renewal. This would include your email address, physical address, and even your name if you have gotten married or divorced. All that’s required is supporting documentation during the renewal process.

Prior to submitting the card renewal application, patients need to obtain another physician certification form. It does not have to be done by the original certifying doctor, the new one is fine. It must be dated within 90 calendar days of an application. So if your card is expiring in 60 days, it is perfectly fine to get certified by the Arizona medical marijuana doctor now knowing that the form is good for three months.

During the renewal, patients can change their designated caregiver or remove one. In addition, a person can change his or her cultivation status. This means that if a person is dealing with a designated caregiver and wants to grow marijuana himself, this can be accomplished on the new application. The patient and the caregiver cannot cultivate at the same time, it needs to be one or the other.

If you have lost your existing card and need the number, you can simply contact the Arizona Department of Health Services with a email to obtain it. They simply need your contact information in the email address is located on the Department of Health Services website.

If you are an Arizona medical marijuana cardholder and need to renew your card for the next year, Arizona MMC can help you. The clinic is offering a special at $25 off for the renewal. Call toll free (855) 294-3227 for scheduling.

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