Arizona Denies Four New Medical Marijuana Conditions

Recently, the Arizona Department of Health Services was considering for new conditions for the Arizona medical marijuana program. Once a year, the law for the program states that new conditions will be considered with a specific protocol for consideration.

A petition is put forward, and then a hearing is held for the public. The four conditions under consideration included migraine headaches, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. All four of these conditions are legal in other states such as Delaware and California, but no one particular state has all of them legal. Arizona would’ve been the first state to potentially legalize all 4 conditions.

During the consideration phase, the Arizona Department of Health Services commissioned the University of Arizona to review the existing scientific literature. The reviews came back in a scientific format that essentially stated that none of the conditions had sufficient Level 1 evidence to recommend their approval. They were all denied.

This places these four conditions into a definite Catch-22. The problem is that the National Institute for Drug Policy will not allow large Level 1 scientific studies to be performed due to marijuana being federally illegal. However, those are the exact studies that the researchers from the University of Arizona wanted to see in their literature review.

So the studies being sought cannot be performed, yet without them the researchers would not consider lower level studies. For each of the conditions under consideration, there are small studies showing the efficacy of medical marijuana along with a huge amount of anecdotal reports from veterans along with patients who have the various conditions and have benefited from medical marijuana.

Unfortunately it appears that further conditions will probably not be added until further research is performed. And that will probably take a rescheduling of marijuana from its schedule 1 status by the DEA into a lower level. At that point, larger research studies will be able to occur as the restrictions won’t be so great.

For now, migraines fall under the chronic pain scenario, so individuals suffering from migraines can obtain an Arizona medical marijuana card. This is not a loophole, as the director of the department, will humble, actually stated in his blog that this is an except the bull use of an evaluation.

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